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A brand new driveway can completely transform the appearance of a home while increasing the re-sale value of the property. 

Driveways can be down in a broom, smooth, exposed or stamped finish. You can add any colour and design you wish to bring your complete vision to life. 

We also do heated driveways! This means you will never have to shovel snow again. 

Interested in getting a free quote on replacing your driveway? Call us at 403-804-0264.  

Patios / Sitting Area's
Do you want a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family? A concrete patio is a durable, low maintenance option that will look great year after year. 

Patio's can be done in a broom, exposed, smooth or stamped finish. You can combine two of them using boarders and other designs. Colour can also be added to any concrete finish. The possibilities are endless with concrete. 

Call us today and let us help you design the patio of your dreams for FREE. (403)804-0264.
Stairs / Sidewalks / Walkways
Here are TQC Concrete we do a wide variety of concrete stairs, sidewalks and walkways. 

Stairs, walkways and sidewalks are completely customizable. All can be done in exposed, broom, stamped or smooth finish. You will have the option to pick the design including the pattern and colour. 

Call us today to set up a complimentary estimate! (403)804-0264.
Concrete Cleaning / Sealing 
Do you have an existing concrete patio, walkway, stairway, or driveway that needs a refresh? 

At TQC Concrete we specialize in concrete cleaning and sealing. This is an affordable option to ensure your concrete is protected and looks great year after year. We are also able to fix small cracks at this time to prevent any further damage.

The process includes power washing the existing concrete to ensure all dirt and residue is removed from the surface. We then fill any hairline cracks. Once everything is completely dry, we appeal a top grade sealer with an anti-slip additive. 

Call us today and we will give you a FREE estimate on cleaning and sealing your concrete! (403)804-0264
Commercial Concrete 
TQC Concrete specializes in both interior and exterior commercial concrete projects in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our team of skilled experts have the extensive experience to handle any size of commercial concrete project.  
Our portfolio includes: supply and installation of concrete formwork, concrete slabs and concrete foundations,  concrete sidewalks and curbing. 

For expert commercial concrete services you can count on, TQC Concrete has the experience to plan concrete projects and deliver final results that exceed all expectations. 

Start your project today by speaking with our team of experts. Call us at (403)804-0264. 
Custom Concrete Design
Custom Concrete Designs are a great way to add a unique piece of art to a concrete patio, sidewalk or driveway. The possibilities are endless!

We completed this 14ft by 14ft bear's paw just outside of Calgary last summer! The paw was drawn by a local artist and sandblasted to create the unique texture. It was truly a work of art. 

Contact our team of industry experts to talk about your custom concrete design! (403)804-0264
Concrete Repairs 
TQC Developments is here for all of your concrete repair needs! We will come out an assess the cracks, or damage and give you a complimentary estimate.
Concrete Foundations 
TQC Developments completes both residential and commercial foundation projects! Call us today and one of our estimators will have a complimentary quote to you within 2 business days! 
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